24 Feb

I’ve been reading the Hunger Games series and it’s really gotten me thinking about “What if catastrophe happened and we lost power, food supplies, etc? What would I have as a valuable skill to offer to society? To my family?” I mean if the world ends are we really going to need someone selling health insurance? or an investment plan? NO. It’s made me take a look at what manual skills of Value┬áI may poseess that could contribute to society or my family. I realized I am a good archer. So, like Katinss Everdeen in the books I could hunt. I have some carpentry and plumbing skills. My wife has a great green thumb and is a teacher by trade. I play music. So that would be good.

I was just thinking that we rely so much on grocery stores, machines, computers, and things being done for us that it makes me step back every now and then and go “Wow! What if it all ended. How would we survive? What would we offer to the world. What’s our bare bones value?

What’s yours?

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