“That’s the best Taylor I’ve ever heard!”….

09 Jan

“That’s the best Taylor I’ve ever heard!”….

When we (Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew) recorded our first album last year my recording engineer said those words to me during a session of acoustic guitar recording.

I told him, “It’s not a Taylor!”

He followed up by saying, “Oh, that totally explains it!” I laughed. He so right. Taylors, well……

I play and am now totally stoked to say, endorsed by Larrivee. My model is a D-00, now about 12 years old and, like most Larrivees, it’s a perfect blend of warmth, attack and sustain. It’s not too bright and it has just enough depth to give it an amazingly well rounded sound.

I play it at every show and unless a string breaks I don’t use anything else (except for the 2nd Larrivee I’ll be getting soon :-))

I can tell you that it is not uncommon to finish a show and someone asks me about my guitar. Just today, I played a solo performance and the manager of the facility’s first question to me, afterward, was “What kind of guitar is that?” He then went on to tell me how nice it sounded and asked about pricing. I think I made him a fan.

I know I am. Check them out!




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